Scrap Metal Recycling Equipment for Industrial Applications

scrap metal recycling Turn your wet metal filings, chips and clippings into valuable compacted briquettes with a scrap metal recycling system from Applied Recovery Systems (ARS). Our tough, durable equipment is ideal for scrap recycling of all kinds;

  • Scrap aluminum recycling
  • Scrap brass and copper recycling
  • Scrap steel and iron recycling

With a volume reduction ratio of up to 8:1 produced by our recycling machines (reduction dependent upon metal type), scrap metal briquettes offer industrial machine shop operations several scrap recycling advantages, such as reduced material handling costs, easier shipment, ingot replacement savings (for die-casters) and coolant recovery for decreased weight and liability.

ARS Scrap Analysis Helps You Choose the Best Scrap Metal Recycling Processor

To maximize your recycling return on investment, we perform a scrap recycling analysis for your scrap type and volume, as well as coolant, to determine which scrap metal recycling system will work best with your operation. If your company is looking to recycle the scrap metals it generates, our metal briquetters are the easy, cost-efficient way to go.

Our scrap recycling systems provide the material handling and process capabilities to:

scrap metal recycling benefits
  •  INCREASE your scrap metal value.
    • Aluminum scrap metal increases of 25% to 100%
    • Scrap copper and brass up to 50%
    • Steel shavings and cast iron are also more valuable in compacted form
  •  RECOVER your machine cutting fluids.
    • Aluminum scrap metal carries 20% to 30% of its weight in coolant
    • Copper scrap metal, brass scrap metal, steel and cast iron each carry about 10% coolant
  • MINIMIZE liability exposure from coolant laden chips
  • REDUCE material handling cost.
  • KNOW the weight of the scrap metal you are recycling.

What is my scrap metal recycling ROI?