About ARS, Inc. and Scrap Metal Recycling

APPLIED RECOVERY SYSTEMS, Inc. (ARS) is a privately held corporation located in Central Texas. The corporation was founded in 1992 and is growing with a high-performance product line in recovery system briquetting. Our customer service is unparalleled. Applied Recovery System’s Corporation is to be kept small enough to be accessible to its customers and large enough to provide outstanding product performance. Research and development will continue to be an integral part of the Corporation's objective so as to better serve the chip processing needs of its customers.

Experienced People:
Our personnel are dedicated and eminently qualified in the field of Chip Processing and Briquetting as an integral part of recovery systems as whole. With approximately 100 years of combined experience in this specialty, the corporation has developed a Recovery Systems Briquetting line that provides the ultimate in performance and reliability.

The main facility is located in Waco, Texas and is a modern 30,000 square foot facility on 5.5 acres of land. The facility is located in an industrial park. It combines engineering, fabrication, machining, and electrical control panel construction.

Quality Control testing is done to exemplify the success of our recovery system briquetters in their chip processing capabilities. Our discovery is that improvement in our recovery system briquetters will never cease to exist, as we have found specific customer’s chip processing needs unique and in need of customized engineering. There is never a dull day in the manufacturing and engineering of this high performance chip processing machine.

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Mission Statement

ARS, Inc. is committed to customer satisfaction. That satisfaction is achieved through a qualified team working together to provide our customers with sound solutions to their business challenges.

By working to:

  1. Define our customer’s challenges and opportunities,
  2. Innovating solutions to meet those challenges and opportunities and
  3. Following through on the implementation of those solutions ARS, Inc. provides value to its customers.

Profitable growth is the result of long term relationships with satisfied customers; therefore, the quest for satisfied customers is our mission.