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Easier Scrap Metal Removal with Foundry Series Briquette Machines

Whether your foundry runs a high-production foundry furnace or simply manages smaller volumes, disposing of scrap metal such as ductile or sand cast iron, brass, aluminum, bronze or steel can become a painful cost that eats into your bottom line. But scrap metal removal doesn’t have to be a costly expense for your business when you have a Foundry Series briquette press. With our equipment you can process your used scrap into high-value metal briquettes that you can offer for sale at a premium, rather than sell at reduced scrap metal rates.


MODEL RST 1500 RST 2000 RST 2500 RST 3000 RST 4000
Capacity (lbs/hr)  Aluminum 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000  4,000
Steel or Cast Iron 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000  8,000
Copper or Brass 4,000 5,200 6,500 8,000  10.500
Briquette Size 4.5" x 4.5" 5" x 5"  6" x 6"
Main Motor (hp) 40 60 75 125 125
Main Cylinder Bore 14" 16"
Total Force Available (tons) 385 503
Power Requirements (460V/3ph) 100 amp 125 amp 150 amp 200 amp  250 amp
Machine Weight (lbs.) 17,000 18,000 19,000 20,500  21,000
Maximum System Pressure (psi)
Maximum Face Pressure (psi) 48,395 51,235  35,600

Standard dimensions are available as downloadable pdf files under the Foundry PDF Layouts under Briquetters section.

At Applied Recovery Services, you'll find the finest scrap metal processing equipment in the business. Our machines will help you reduce costs and create new sources of profit, just as we've helped other foundry networks and businesses like yours do the same.

How Scrap Metal Disposal Equipment Help You Cuts Costs and Boosts Profits

Foundry Series equipment saves you from a number of hidden costs that come with the sale of scrap metal. Does your casting leave you with scrap iron, steel or aluminum? Our equipment can compact your scrap into briquettes only 1/8 the size, saving you on costly transportation expenses. Selling brass, bronze, or aluminum? Our compaction process removes as much cutting fluid as metal chip wringing, bringing you high prices at market and reduced hazardous liability (in most cases your briquettes will be more than 98% moisture-free.)

Best Rates On New And Used Scrap Metal Processing Equipment

Whether your foundry furnace handles brass, bronze, aluminum, iron or steel, our briquetting machines can help improve your bottom line quickly and easily. Contact us today for more information on new and used Foundry Series scrap metal disposal equipment and discover how to turn you scrap metal into a revenue center.