Scrap Handling Equipment for Fast, Easy and Economical Processing of Metal Chips

If your manufacturing plant produces scrap metal chips and turnings, you understand the challenges of moving the scrap from place to another. The right chip handler system can help you streamline a scrap operation and boost its profitability by collecting metal filings quickly and transporting them seamlessly from your machines to a briquetter or compactor.

At Applied Recovery Systems, we offer a complete line of scrap handler equipment, including metal crushers, conveyors, shredders and dumpers. You can equip yourself with an integrated chip handling system that's designed specifically for your facility, making this process more productive and less costly.

Choose the Chip Handling and Collection Equipment that Work Best for You

Ring Type Metal Chip Crusher/Shredder
chip handlingA good choice for chip processing systems where material metering is possible and solids are present, the ring crusher is the least expensive way to remove solids from among nested turnings in a chip handler. The ring crusher presses scrap material against a grate and cuts it down to a size that will fit through the grate. Any solids that cannot be pressed through the grate are sent out through the solids ejection chute.

Vertical Axis Metal Chip Crusher/Shredder
scrap handlerIdeal for crushing turnings into a flowable form, the vertical axis metal chip crusher is self metering and rejects solids. This simple, easy-to-use scrap handling system will save you time and money.

Steel Belt Conveyors
From a simple take-away system for briquettes to a more complex system for conveying chips and cutting oils from machine tools, our steel belt conveyors can be designed to meet the demands of your chip processing system.

Ram Feed Assist
chip handlerFor material that can be shaken apart but tends to “snowball” when tumbled, we offer an optional ram feed assist. With every cycle, the ram feed forces material ahead of the gather ram to ensure a full load in the chamber – a valuable processing system for chips under four inches long.

Cart Dumper
Integrated into scrap handler systems, hydraulic cart dumpers elevate carts and dump material either into the briquetter hopper or a vertical axis crusher. We manufacture both types.

We also can provide you with chip spinners, crushers and other metal chip processing equipmentContact us to learn more about how an ARS recycling machine can help your industrial operation.

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