Increase Profitability of Your Scrap Metal Recycling with Briquetters

Improve your bottom line and reduce waste by compacting scrap metal in a hydraulic briquetting machine from Applied Recovery Systems (ARS).

With our briquetting press machines, you can transform industrial turnings, filings, chips, clippings and even metallic dust from copper, brass, aluminum and other metals into compressed briquettes or "pucks" worth more than non-compacted scrap metal. No matter how you refer to our machines, briquetter, puck machine, pucker, our presses will improve your scrap metal situation.

Advantages of a Briquetter from ARS

minimizing hazardous liability

Briquetting machinery minimizes hazardous liability exposure and recovers more cutting fluids. A briquette press squeezes out harmful coolants from metal shavings, creating briquettes that typically hold less than two percent moisture.


Briquetting equipment lowers transportation and material-handling costs. With a volume-reduction rate of up to 8:1 (rate dependent upon metal type), chip briquetters allow you to recycle greater amounts of scrap per load with easy-to-ship briquettes.

floor space

Briquette machines increase available floor space. Convert scrap-storage space into revenue-producing manufacturing areas. We will work with you to provide a solution using very little space.

Ten Metal Briquetting Machine Options for Your Manufacturing Operation

With ten briquetter options to choose from among our Foundry and Industrial Series equipment, you're sure to find the right briquetting machine for your company's scrap metal processing and recycling needs.

We also can provide you with chip spinners, crushers, and other metal chip processing equipment. Contact us to learn more about how ARS briquetters can help your industrial operation!