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With less surface area, briquettes minimize oxidation and formation of slag.

With at least 90 percent of the briquette submerged in the melt bath, material doesn't have a chance to become slag. This typically produces yields between 94-96 percent, as opposed to only 45-80 percent for clean, dry turnings.

Briquettes are drier than chips from a chip wringer.

Even when wringer chips are compacted, liquid can still be pressed from the chips. With less liquid from a briquetter, melters get more value.

Briquettes are easier to handle and handling losses are decreased.

This applies to transporting scrap to the furnace, as well as scrap inside a furnace. It is easier to pick up blocks than chips. And, because chips are light, they can usually be pulled to the bag house rather than into the melt bath.