More Effective Metal Scrap Recycling, Increased ROI

With the growing demand for pure metal among manufacturers throughout the world, the value of scrap metal material is at an all-time high. To get the most from your industrial turnings, filings, chips, clippings, castings and metallic dust, you need scrap metal process machinery that will simplify all handling and compacting of metal into an almost solid form.

At Applied Recovery Systems, we offer some of today's most advanced, cost-efficient scrap recycling options, including cutting-edge briquetters, chip systems and coolant filtration and recovery equipment. Using high-compression technology in a small chamber, scrap metal machines create briquettes that will net you far more than non-compacted scrap.

Value for Your Industrial Operation

High-density metal briquettes require dramatically less space - as much 80% less - leaving you more production space for other, more profitable uses. Our scrap metal shredders reduce aluminum by 6:1; steel by 3:1; and copper, brass, cast iron by 2:1, depending on chip size.

Get Top Dollar for Scrap from Recycling

The more weight you have in scrap, the higher the price at market. With scrap metal machines from ARS, you can sell compact metal to your scrap processor or broker for more money. They, in turn, sell the briquettes to smelters and foundries worldwide that want them because they get more from re-melting briquettes than chips.

Benefit from
Compacted Metal

Do you have your own smelter or foundry? The scrap metal Briquetters ARS has for sale are built with the highest face pressure in the industry. Higher face pressure means higher density, which leads to higher recovery of metal in a hot molten bath and higher value for that material. Smaller metal chips and turnings often burn away when melted.