Calculate the Scrap Value of Compacted Metal Briquettes

If you sell scrap metals like aluminum, copper, steel and others for recycling, you may already know that the price and demand for compacted scrap is much higher than for loose turnings and chips.

But, don't take our word for it! Complete our Return on Investment Analysis to the right and learn just how much your company can save by selling scrap metal briquettes made by an ARS briquetter.

Briquetted material brings in more money!

Why is the scrap value of briquettes higher?

If you manage a melt shop, foundry or smelting operation, you can get a greater return when you sell scrap metal briquettes because of these advantages:

less surface area
With less surface area, briquettes minimize oxidation and formation of slag. Because at least 90 percent of the briquette is submerged in the melt bath, the material does not have a chance to become slag. This typically produces yields between 94-96 percent, as opposed to only 45-80 percent for clean, dry turnings
Briquettes are drier than chips from a chip wringer. Even when wringer chips are compacted, liquid can still be pressed from the chips. With less liquid from a briquetter, melters get more value.
easy to handle
Briquettes are easier to handle and handling losses are decreased. This applies to transporting scrap to the furnace, as well as scrap inside a furnace. It is easier to pick up blocks than chips. And, because chips are light, they can usually be pulled to the bag house rather than into the melt bath.

Make your operation even more efficient by adding material handling, coolant recovery and chip processing solutions to your manufacturing plant.

Sell Scrap Metal Briquettes and Watch the Scrap Value Rise

If you're wondering about how much more you can make by switching to briquettes, complete our Return on Investment analysis to the right.

If you know the volume of your scrap material and the price you've been receiving, we can calculate your return on investment in a briquetter. And, we can provide you with current pricing on scrap aluminum, copper, steel and more, together with a list of briquette buyers throughout the United States. To learn more, contact us.