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Chip Conveyors for Scrap Aluminum and Other Metals

Transforming wet metal turnings from your machining tools into briquettes that command a premium price in the marketplace sometimes requires additional steps. At Applied Recovery Systems (ARS), we offer the chip metal processing conveyors you need to be able to make the briquetting process work best for you.

Our chip conveyors help you transform your scrap metal operation with a variety of specialized components, including:

  • small low-profile chip conveyor check Small and low-profile chip conveyor systems to transport chips into a briquetter or to a loading bin.
  • magnet belt conveyors check Magnet belt conveyors for magnetic separation of tramp steel from aluminum, copper, or brass scrap before processing.
  • cart dumpers check Cart dumpers to hydraulically dump carts into the briquetter.
  • metal chip shredders check Metal chip shredders designed to size stringy turnings into manageable pieces for processing.
  • separation systems check Separation systems to remove unwanted solids from scrap.
  • coolant recovery systems check Coolant recovery systems to recycle coolant squeezed from scrap metal.

When you integrate our chip conveyors with our briquetter, you'll have an ideal chip metal processing system. Streamline your operations with these easy-to-use chip conveyor systems to make recycling scrap simple, affordable and profitable.

Contact us today to learn more about our scrap conveyors or to find out how our briquetters and metal chip processing equipment can help improve your bottom line.