Scrap Dealers

Briquetters transform scrap into dense Briquettes, this reduces volume and saves transportation costs. Dense Briquettes will increase the selling price to the Mill.


Batch yield will be greater with dense Briquettes compared to loose material. Greater yield will provide more money to go to the bottom line.

Machine Shops

Transforming loose chips into dense Briquettes pays by increasing scrap value, reducing transportation & handling costs, recovering coolant, & making the end product easier to weigh.

Scrap Metal Recycling Machines

Turn your industrial wet metal filings, chips and clippings into valuable compacted briquettes with scrap metal recycling machinery from Applied Recovery Systems (ARS). Our ultra-durable equipment is ideal for scrap recycling of aluminum, brass, copper, steel and iron. With a volume reduction ratio of up to 8:1 produced by our recycling machines, scrap metal briquettes offer industrial machine shop operations several scrap recycling advantages:

handling costs icon
Reduced material handling costs
easier shipment icon
Easier shipment
ingot replacement icon
Ingot replacement savings (for die-casters)
coolant recovery icon
Coolant recovery / decreased weight & liability

Trusted Worldwide

With over 500 installations, Applied Recovery Systems is a premium manufacturer and supplier of Metal Briquetting machines. We're trusted by a diverse group of industries across many different countries worldwide. Besides the United States, we have machines installed in Canada, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, and the U.K.

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Scrap Analysis for Proper Recycling Equipment Selection

To maximize your recycling return on investment, we perform a scrap recycling analysis for your scrap type and volume, as well as coolant, to determine which scrap metal recycling system will work best with your operation. If your company is looking to recycle the scrap metals it generates, our metal briquetters are the easy, cost-efficient way to go.

Our scrap recycling systems provide the material handling and process capabilities to:
the weight of the scrap metal you are recycling
  • How much scrap material is actually leaving your facility. Briquettes are easier to weigh than loose material, providing a more consistent weight from load to load
  • Which briquetting machine is right for your company's scrap metal processing and recycling needs. Rely on ARS and our dealers' vast industry experience to determine the best equipment for your application.
your machine cutting fluids
  • Aluminum scrap metal carries 20% to 30% of its weight in coolant
  • Copper scrap metal, brass scrap metal, steel and cast iron each carry about 10% coolant
  • More cutting fluids - Recovered coolant captured from the briquetter can be recycled or reused when processed with a coolant filtration system
liability exposure from coolant laden chips
  • The liability of transporting coolant laden chips
  • Hazardous liability exposure - A briquette press squeezes out harmful coolants from metal shavings, creating briquettes that typically hold less than two percent moisture
  • Required space - High-density metal briquettes require dramatically less storage space - as much 80% less - leaving you more production space for other, more profitable uses
your scrap metal value
  • Aluminum scrap metal increases of 25% to 100%
  • Scrap copper and brass up to 50%
  • Steel shavings and cast iron are also more valuable in compacted form
material handling cost
  • Transportation and material handling costs - Dense briquettes require less truck space when compared to loose material. For instance, three truckloads of loose chips could equal the weight of one truckload of briquettes
  • Overall waste by compacting scrap metal in a hydraulic briquetting machine from Applied Recovery Systems (ARS)
  • Required Storage Space - With volume-reduction rates of up to 8:1 (dependending upon metal type), chip briquetters allow you to store greater amounts of scrap per container