Increase Efficiency with Metal Briquetting Press Equipment

To maximize efficiency and increase your profits, briquette presses are among the best compacting machines available today for scrap management and resale.

Whether you want to reduce costs with scrap and steel material handlers or turn a profit on metal recycling, briquetting systems from Applied Recovery Systems (ARS) can help your company make the most of its used scrap.

Our briquetting equipment:

  • Provide essential fluid reduction that other metal compacting systems can't.
  • Works well with multiple applications and a wide range of scrap metals, including copper, aluminum, brass, cast iron, grinding swarf, steel, bronze, magnesium and titanium.
Large and Small Operations

No matter what amount of metal processing you need, ARS briquette press systems can be customized to handle your scrap. We offer briquetters for both foundries and industrial applications, helping you minimize transportation costs and storage space while increasing overall scrap value. Our metal chip and scrap conveyor equipment, metal chip shredders and coolant recovery systems can further streamline your manufacturing processes.

Great Return on Investment

Briquetting presses pay for themselves and continue to expand profit margins. Compacting scrap metal into briquettes will not only fetch the best market price, it will also increase your company's efficiency and revenue.

Our briquetting equipment can be found in a broad range of industries-from automotive and aerospace to wire chopping and swarf. To find out if a briquette press would be right for your business, contact us today.