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Scrap Dealers

Briquetters transform scrap into dense Briquettes, this reduces volume and saves transportation costs. Dense Briquettes will increase the selling price to the Mill.


Batch yield will be greater with dense Briquettes compared to loose material. Greater yield will provide more money to go to the bottom line.

Machine Shops

Transforming loose chips into dense Briquettes pays by increasing scrap value, reducing transportation & handling costs, recovering coolant, & making the end product easier to weigh.

Scrap Dealers

Handling and transporting loose chips is not cost effective when compared to dense briquettes. It can even be a hazardous liability. Excess coolant on uncompacted materials can blow off during transportation, causing a hazard to drivers and/or vehicles on the highway.

Not only is there a savings due to reduced transportation costs, but briquetted material will usually demand a higher price when sold to a mill.

With the growing demand for pure metal among manufacturers throughout the world, the value of scrap metal material is at an all-time high. To get the most from your industrial turnings, filings, chips, clippings, castings and metallic dust, you need scrap metal process machinery that will simplify all handling and compacting of metal into an almost solid form.

At Applied Recovery Systems, we offer some of the most advanced, cost-efficient scrap recycling options, including cutting-edge briquetters, chip systems and coolant filtration and recovery equipment. Using high-compression technology in a small chamber, scrap metal machines create briquettes that will net you far more than non-compacted scrap.