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Scrap Dealers

Briquetters transform scrap into dense Briquettes, this reduces volume and saves transportation costs. Dense Briquettes will increase the selling price to the Mill.


Batch yield will be greater with dense Briquettes compared to loose material. Greater yield will provide more money to go to the bottom line.

Machine Shops

Transforming loose chips into dense Briquettes pays by increasing scrap value, reducing transportation & handling costs, recovering coolant, & making the end product easier to weigh.

Machine Shops

  • Volume Reduction
  • Lower Transportation Costs
  • Coolant Recovery
  • Ease of Handling
  • Greater Transparency (weighing scrap)

Generating more money for your scrap material makes briquetting a logical financial decision.

Get a price from your scrap dealer and compare the loose price vs. briquetted. If they don't pay more for briquetted material, it's time to call ARS. Large shops worldwide have realized this addition to their revenue streams. It's time you joined them!